Who we are

Who we are

Our professional organisation consists of a team of indipendent chartered accountants, lawyers, auditors, expert legal advisers and job consultants all entered in their respective professional registers; as "dottori commercialisti" we are entitled to operate both as Certified Public Accountants, Registered Auditors and as Tax Lawyers in Italy.
As young professionals we realise of course that one person cannot do everything. This is why we have opted for an approach based on specialisation and complementary "services". Backed by our own multi-disciplined teams of experienced professionals comprising accountants, lawyers, international tax and trade specialists and chartered secretaries, we are able to tailor make our services to the needs of our network of clients.

Thanks to active international clients we have developed a large amount of experience in the sector of international tax planning and developed a network of correspondents in the main European capitals. We are convinced that we have to pay attention especially to the international consulting business in order to expand. Therefore, having established ourselves in the home market offering Italian companies and one-man businesses traditional services and professional advice in the area of tax, company set up, trade company agreements, administration and company law, we immediately began to offer our local expertise to non-resident companies in order to assist them in establishing a company in Italy or settling here and becoming a serious alternative to the major multinational firms. We also act as experts in the evaluation of companies and companies shares, as official receivers at the Turin Court where we are also a bankruptcy procedures registered consultant.

Consulenza d’Impresa operates mainly in northern Italy in our offices of Turin, Rivoli and Milan.
Our premises are situated in the heart of the technological north-west of Italy - in the gateway to the European market our location is in the crossroads of the two main axis of European development. Employing more than 70 people among partners, staff and collaborators and thanks to a consolidated reciprocal partnership with other primarly Italian firms we can cover the whole Italian territory. All employees have at least ten years’ working experience, hold diplomas and have been carefully selected.

Consulenza d’Impresa uses the most advanced software, follows procedures in conformity with ministerial directives and devotes a great deal of energy to updating Italian and international legislation and standards. The risk attached to professional and balance sheet auditing and certification activities are covered by special insurance policies stipulated with prime companies and specially reserved for professional registers and auditors.

We are involved in corporate staff training courses in accounting, fiscal matters, finance and labour law and we have been involved with the international marketing course at the Turin University Faculty of Economics and Commerce, including a lectureship in professional marketing. Publishing activities, monographs and publications on economic and financial matters.


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