Balance sheet auditing and certification

Balance sheet auditing and certification is carried out by our auditing department set up in March 1979 and qualified to perform auditing, certification and accounting organisation activity for the purposes of the Ministerial Decree of May 1980; our auditors are registered auditors in accordance with Decree Law 88/92.

Operational since the second half of 1980, we are actively responsible for: auditing to check company solidity, balance sheet certification, the drawing up of manuals of administrative procedure and internal control, as well as tax audits and the auditing of accounts to aid company assessments.

We have also built up years of invaluable experience in the auditing of accounts and the study of procedures and internal control systems in institutes of credit and savings banks.

Voluntary and mandatory audits as well as preparation of financial statements include:
• Special audits of due diligence upon purchase of company
• Investigation of interim statements and special balances in cases of merger, reconstruction, founding, increases in share-capital and winding-up or bankruptcy of a company
• Auditing of cost allocation, royalty statements or transfer prices.