Real estate tax and legal planning

Real estate tax and legal planning for investors in Italy

We represent and assist clients in all legal, administrative and financial aspects connected to real estate investments and/or the administration of estates. All of our attorney, consultants, chartered accountants, office staff are highly specialized in real estate law, taxation and/or estate planning. Acquisitions and sales of real estate are core elements of our legal and administrative real estate practice.

Who for

We represent and assist start-ups, high-tech manufacturers and basic industries, municipalities, developers, home builders, construction companies, shopping center owners, wholesalers, retailers and individuals foreign investors, property managers, brokers and mortgage bankers, and home and recreational property owners, whether they are expanding or re-dimentioning their businesses interests or venturing into new investment areas.
Our clients include all participants in the construction industry: owners, developers, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers.

What we do

We help our clients through the “due diligence” process preliminary to the investment. We have experience in all legal and financial aspects related to the negotiation and drafting of contracts, project finance, bid issues, change orders, extension of time and disruption claims, mediations and project close-outs.

Estate tax planning is very important to find the best tax-deductable financing structure and to preserve wealth. Knowing the potential estate tax liability is fundamental (a great place) to start estate investment. we find creative and cost-effective solutions to make the deal rather than kill it. We regularly represent both lenders and borrowers in structuring, documenting and closing loans and other credit facilities secured by real estate. We prepare estate business plans of all kinds and complexity, and for all sizes of estates aimed at obtaining or providing financing for transactions through bank loans, mortgages, bond financings and other structured financings. We assist clients with loan restructurings, workouts, defaults or foreclosures.